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Welcome to the Windsor Ghostbusters!


We are a passionate group of cosplay enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the iconic Ghostbusters to life in Windsor, Ontario and surrounding communities!


Get in touch with us to join our community and be part of the fun!

We're available for convention booths, movie theatre appearances, food and toy drives, and so much more!

Don't hesitate to reach out today, and remember that if you're in Southwestern Ontario, the Windsor Ghostbusters are who you gonna call!

Ambassador Bridge, it looks haunted and

CK Expo

CK Expo After Party

Art in the Park

Fantastic Fathers

Halfway to Halloween Toiletries Drive

April 13

April 27-28 

April 27

June 1-2

June 15

Windsor, ON

Chatham, ON

Chatham, ON

Windsor, ON

Windsor, ON

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